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International Adoptions

Parental Placement

Adoptive Home Study

Friday's Child Adoption serves as your liaison with programs in Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Romania and Guatemala. We assist you with dossier preparation to fulfill the requirements of the sending country and complete the adoptive home study that will be used by the foreign country and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services in their decision as to the suitability of your family and home environment for the placement of a foreign-born orphan.

We will help you make informed choices and weigh the risks inherent in international adoption including the possibility of developmental delays, difficulties in bonding and attachment, unknown physical and mental conditions resulting from sparse or unavailable medical information and the potential delays or disruptions in the process related to political changes. Friday's Child will also provide post-placement supervision required by foreign governments to insure the well-being of the adopted child and the success of the placement.

These domestic (open) adoptions in which birth parents choose to place the child with an approved adoptive family require close cooperation among all three members of the adoption triad. In most instances there is an exchange of family history and health related information between birth parents and adoptive parents and a face to face meeting between the parties.

Friday's Child assists birth parents by insuring that they are aware of the alternatives to adoption, advising them on adoption procedures and providing counseling to work through issues relating to placing a child. Adoptive parents will be apprised of the legal process including termination of parental rights, finalization and access to information from closed records.

The purpose of the home study is to determine your family's suitability for the placement of an adopted child. Our approach to the home study is that the entire process should combine educational, investigative and advocacy components while keeping the best interest of the child foremost in everyone's thought.

The home study involves careful assessment of:

  1. Your motivation to adopt
  2. Family history (including children from current and previous marriages).
  3. The type of child you are seeking and whether a special needs or older child is appropriate.
  4. Family background including education and relationship with parents and siblings.
  5. Criminal history of all adults living in the home.
  6. Attitudes toward discipline and the level of agreement between spouses on child rearing practices.
  7. Health status including histories of physical or psychological illness or any health issue that would adversely affect the welfare of a child.
  8. Family financial status including current income, assets and liabilities.
  9. Home environment and neighborhood.
  10. References from at least three unrelated individuals who have observed you interact with children.
  11. Attitudes of your extended family and your community toward adoption and/or toward children from other cultures.