Adoptive Home Study

The purpose of the home study is to determine your family’s suitability for the placement of an adopted child. Our approach to the home study is that the entire process should combine educational, investigative and advocacy components while keeping the best interest of the child foremost in everyone’s thought.

The home study involves careful assessment of:
  • 1

    Your motivation to adopt

  • 2

    Family history (including children from current and previous marriages).

  • 3

    The type of child you are seeking and whether an infant or an older or special needs child is most appropriate.

  • 4

    Family background including education and relationship with parents and siblings.

  • 5

    Criminal history of all adults living in the home.

  • 6

    Attitudes toward discipline and the level of agreement between spouses on child rearing practices.

  • 7

    Health status including histories of physical or psychological illness or any health issue that would adversely affect the welfare of a child.

  • 8

    Family financial status including current income, assets and liabilities.

  • 9

    Home environment and neighborhood.

  • 10

    References from at least three unrelated individuals who have observed you interact with child

  • 11

    Attitudes of your extended family and your community toward adoption.


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