Fees and Services - Domestic Adoption

In accordance with the Fee Policy of Friday’s Child Adoption Services, Inc. the following is a description
of services and the corresponding fees. This summary of services is provided in order that you may choose
those services you want us to provide based on the type of adoption you are pursuing:

  • $495

    Application/Information and Referral - providing basic information to prospective adoptive parents about the adoption process, review and approval of the application documents by the Executive Director, development of a service plan and administrative services prerequisite to formal acceptance as an agency client.

  • $165

    FBI and State Police Clearances (per couple – additional household members 18 years or older add $75 each)

  • $1850

    Adoptive Home Study consisting of a minimum of three face - to - face interviews with the adoptive applicant and other relevant parties to:
    1. Verify compliance with medical and legal requirements of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the U.S. Bur eau of Citizenship and Immigration Services and the government of the sending country;
    2. Assess the experience, attitudes and preparedness for parenting; and
    3. Make a determination and recommendation as to the general suitability of the home as an adoptive placement.

  • $375

    Simultaneous Meeting – with birth and adoptive parents subsequent to the exchange of written information between the parties but prior to the recommendation to the court regarding the suitability of the placement.

  • $2000

    Expedited Adoptive Home Study are home studies done on an accelerated basis under circumstances that require a final report to be completed in 4 weeks or less.

  • $350
    per visit

    Post - placement Supervision consisting of in - home visits to:
    1. Determine the success of the placement;
    2. Serve as a resource for identifying and resolving any problems that might arise, either directly or by referral to an appropriate service provider; and
    3. Meet the requirements for the Commonwealth of Virginia preliminary to action by the Court granting a Final Order of Adoption.

  • $375

    Report of Investigation - preparation of the summary report to the court and the Commissioner of Social Services upon receipt of an Order of Reference preliminary to the granting of a Final Decree of Adoption.

  • $750

    Home Study Update consisting of one face - to - face interview in the adoptive applicant’s home
    and re-verification of supporting documentation and the family’s circumstances.

  • $1000

    Domestication of Out-of-State Home Studyto comply withthe requirements of the Virginia court.

  • $150
    per hour

    Counseling Services–provided to any of the parties to address issues related to placement or
    subsequent adjustment and/or delays or disruptions that may occur

  • $45
    per doc

    Extraordinary Documentation-Completion of forms unique to specific agencies and/or creation of specialized documentation

Travel–Travel in excess of 50 miles from one of our three offices is billed at $.58 per mile.

Fees are due and payable at the first face-to-face meeting unless otherwise agreed to by the Executive Director. Fees are generally non-refundable but may be waived or reduced at the discretion of the agency’s Executive Director. Home studies cannot be released until all fees are paid in full.

Please sign and return a copy of this form to confirm your understanding of our fees. If you have any questions, our staff will be happy to answer them.


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