Waiting Families

Friday’s Child is excited to connect families with their future children. This page is a resource for birth families to get to know our currently waiting families.

April & Joey

You are looking for a loving, gentle, kind family to raise your child.  We are searching for a child to shower with love, affection, and wonderful lifelong experiences.  Perhaps we are a perfect match?  We have been joyfully married for more than 12 years and have nurtured our relationship for many years before that!  We cherish a beautiful friendship and camaraderie, enjoying travel, life with our cattle and goats on a large farm, and fostering rescue pups.  While our days are spent in the education field, our evenings are often spent in the pool, taking long walks together and spending time with family, who live nearby.  We are so excited to begin our journey as parents and to delve into the wonderful world of raising a baby that we believe God has chosen for our family!

Sara & Mark

Meet Mark and Sara, Sara is 40 years old and a registered nurse who specializes in emergency medicine. Mark is 43 years old, a former high school teacher, and is now a high school athletics director and assistant principal.  Sara was a single mother to an 11 year old when she met Mark 6 years ago on a blind date and they have been a close knit family ever since. They eat dinners together as a family, celebrate all the traditional holidays like carving pumpkins, decorating the Christmas tree, and dying Easter eggs, attend church on Sundays, have game nights, and enjoy vacations to the beach, Disney World, and traveling to see family. 

Mark and Sara have always dreamt of expanding their family and Sara’s plan is to become a stay at home mother when they are blessed with a baby. In Sara’s free time she enjoys reading, quilting, sewing projects, and any activity outside. Sara values time with her family and friends and feels her greatest achievement was becoming a mother. Mark loves being a father to his stepdaughter and spending time with his family is his highest priority. One of Marks greatest attributes is his patience and ability to see the positive in everything.  Mark has been involved in coaching and teaching for most of his career and has dedicated his time to helping students achieve their goals through sports and activities.  In his spare time he enjoys attending baseball games, playing golf, completing home projects, and playing with the family dog.  They look forward to having another addition to the family and have a lot of love to share. 

Update! Chris & Marcos got their baby!

Chris likes to cook, watch movies, and keeps busy fun and innovative landscaping projects. He works in the field of Information Technology. Marcos enjoys the responsibility of keeping our home clean and warm and is always ready to plan events, host gatherings, and keep us connected with our many friends and family. He works in the field of Human Resources. We both work for the Federal Government in Washington, DC.

We are blessed to live in a warm and inviting neighborhood with friendly neighbors, families, and children and numerous trails and parks all walking distance from our home located in Alexandria, VA. Raising a child in an environment where they are exposed to various backgrounds and cultures is important to us as future parents, and we can do that thanks to our diverse neighborhood. We also must not forget our four-legged son, Oliver, who we adopted in 2019 from a rescue shelter. We have enjoyed every minute he’s been in our lives!

We are over the moon with the idea of expanding our family and filling our home with abundant love for our future son or daughter! Family is at the core of our relationship. We recognize how blessed we are to have been raised by such supportive and loving parents. In that light, we both want to instill the values of love and faith into a child of our own. Giving a child the opportunity to experience a life they will hopefully pass onto their children one day is what makes this journey and possibility of adopting a child so meaningful to us. Adopting a child will not only complete our home, it will make our hearts whole, and we are ready to take on the role of fatherhood.

We made a video so you can get to know us better.

Chad & Courtney

Update: Chad and Courtney brought home their baby!

We started dating twelve years ago and have been married for almost seven. Chad works as a PC Technician at a high school, and Courtney works as an X-ray Technologist/Medical Assistant at an orthopedic office. We are incredibly thankful that our jobs allow for weekends and holidays off to spend with our family and friends; most of which are just a quick drive away. We use any excuse to get together and celebrate! The other members of our household are our two adored and spoiled dogs, Cherokee and Claire. We enjoy walking our dogs, watching football, trying new recipes, and grilling on our back porch while listening to music. We are always tackling new house projects, and our favorite escape is booking a family vacation every year.

We each grew up in the same community that we currently reside in. Our house sits on a cul-de-sac in a large neighborhood. Our fenced in back yard and spacious deck allow for the outdoor living we really enjoy, while still giving us privacy. We are within fifteen minutes of our jobs, medical facilities, schools, libraries, and large parks. There is an endless supply of love and laughter in our home that we can’t wait to share. Adoption is our opportunity to grow our family from two to three, and we could not be happier to be on this amazing journey!