Waiting Families

Jen & Steven

Jen is 36 years old. She is currently working at a daycare center and has been there since 2015. She works as the lead teacher in the infant room and has over 10 years experience specifically working with infants. They are her passion and she loves working with them on a daily basis. Her dream job is to become a mother, and when the time comes, she plans to be a stay-at-home mom so she can give her child all the love and attention she possibly can. Outside of work, Jen enjoys relaxing in the backyard on the deck with her amazing husband and two wonderful dogs. Jen enjoys time with her family a lot and will often visit them several times a month, bringing her “fur babies” with her when she can. Family is of the utmost importance to Jen, something she hopes to instill in her future son or daughter.

Steven is a 33 year old software engineer who has lived in the greater DC area since he was seven years old. He’s often described as a gentle giant with an infectious laugh that can be heard well before you actually see him. Outside of work Steven spends a lot of time with his wife and wrestling with their two dogs. Recreationally, he’s an aspiring powerlifter and a big tech geek who loves playing with the latest technologies. Being a father is something Steven always knew he was destined for. To be the stable foundation his child can stand upon as they ascend into adulthood, the strong pillar they can lean on when they’ve just had enough, the sturdy roof that gives them a feeling of comfort and safety, would be his greatest fulfillment in life.