Kinship Adoptions – Financial Help Available

Family members are sometimes called on to adopt when a loved one is not able to care for their child. The birth parents may have legal difficulties, substance use issues, become ill, or possibly have passed away. Often birth parents and their families try to keep their child out of the foster care system by placing them with a trusted, known adult.

Many times, it is grandparents who, having raised their own children, are unexpectedly now caring for a grandchild. Whatever the situation, Friday’s Child Adoption Services is experienced in working with kinship adoptions. Our caring staff can walk you through the process of formalizing an adoption, help to create a healthy relationship with the birth parents, if desired, and even assist financially.

If a lack of finances is impacting your kinship adoption, please contact us. Our donation funds can offset the cost of kinship adoptions when there is a financial need. Let us know what you need to provide the stability of a permanent adoptive home for your loved one.