Waiting Families

Friday’s Child is excited to connect families with their future children. This page is a resource for birth families to get to know our currently waiting families.

Tabitha & Rebekah

We have been married for five years and together for seven. We connected instantly over our love for dogs, movies, and history. Rebekah works for a company whose mission is to grow affordable organic food. She enjoys reading, crafting, and watching movies. In her free time, you may find her in our finished basement with our cats, working on a craft project such as crocheting or making a new wreath. Tabitha works for a company that is working toward eradicating certain types of cancer from the world. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, fly fishing, and playing basketball. Together we enjoy exploring our local area, playing with our dogs, and spending time with friends and family. On any given day, you may find us listening to music and dancing with our dogs or working on a Star Wars puzzle.

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Ted & Amy

Hi, we’re Ted and Amy and we’ve been together since 2015.  We live in a quiet suburb and when we think about adding a child to our family, we imagine making memories with them through some of the same things we remember doing as kids – going sledding, making homemade playdough together, playing catch in the backyard, reading lots of books, playing family board games, and having family movie nights.  We don’t currently have any children however we have a pretty big extended family with lots of nieces and nephews and we get to spend a lot of time vacationing and spending holidays with them.
Ted works as an attorney and has been with his law firm for eight years now.  Amy is currently a program analyst however she looks forward to switching to part-time work once she becomes a mom so she can spend extra time at home.  We’re both pretty outdoorsy and when the weather is nice we love getting outside and hiking or bike riding. There are a ton of trails around our house and we’re also within driving distance of the mountains where we like to go on hikes.  If the weather isn’t nice out though, we also love having a weekend at home with homemade popcorn and a movie or watching sports (especially baseball and football). 

Robyn & Greg

We are Robyn and Greg. Thank you for taking the time to learn about our family. Adopting has always been something we have thought about and we are filled with hope as we begin this journey.  We met in 2009 and have been married for eight years. Robyn is a dental hygienist and Greg is in the Navy. We have a fun-loving three year old and as a family we love to spend time on the beach, hike, travel, cook, and visit with friends and family. We enjoy animals of all kinds and have two dogs that we rescued from the Humane Society as puppies. We have a home full of love and a little boy who can’t wait to be a big brother.

Cassie & Jordan—Matched!

We want to grow our family through adoption because we love our big, close families and deeply enjoyed our childhoods. We want to share the kinds of experiences we were blessed to enjoy—family game nights, picnics in the park, summer camps and birthday parties, music recitals and school plays, church barbecues and community basketball leagues. We have so much love to give and our hearts are wide open to the precious lives that may join our family through adoption. Being chosen to adopt would be a dream come true.

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April & Liz—Matched!

We are two hardworking, fun-loving, passionate women who were fortunate enough to find each other. We bring out the best in one another, challenge each other, and are always quick with a laugh! We have two adorable pugs and are overjoyed about the possibility of introducing them to our adopted child. We have a close-knit group of friends, many of whom have children, and we love being a part of their lives. We thrive on trying new things and exploring, whether that is within our town or in a different state or country. We are passionate about health and try to be active and mindful each day. We love to cook, read books, and find new TV series to watch together. We are both attorneys with the federal government. We are dedicated to our jobs and happy to have rewarding positions with a great balance between work and home.

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Nathaniel & Megan

Megan and Nathaniel

We’re Nathaniel and Megan! We’re both 27 and have been married for almost 6 years. We met as freshmen in high school in a small drama group, so while we may be young, we’ve been friends for almost half our lives now! We both grew up in and still call central Virginia home and we share a love of reading, writing, nature walks, Marvel, and Disney. Megan is already a stay at home mom and plans to continue, and while Nathaniel’s job doesn’t have the most conventional hours, he’s home for large chunks of the day, and always off on major holidays, which our kiddos have loved.

We have two little girls, Jemma and Felicity. They are bubbly, happy, and full of wiggles. Jemma is always learning a new dance move, and Felicity is never far away from her baby dolls. We’re blessed to live close to Megan’s family and regularly get together with her parent’s and brother’s family (who also have two little girls!) and we love hosting gatherings with family and friends at our house, too!

Our home also has two pets! A mellow mid-sized black lab/hound mix, and a lazy petite long hair kitty. They’re both super patient and our girls adore them. We live in a small, almost rural neighborhood, with private lakes and quiet roads perfect for being outside any time of the year.

We have always had a heart for adoption, and have hoped since before we even married to grow our family through adoption one day. If you’re reading this and are deciding to make an adoption plan, we want you to know that we see your heart and your grief, and we would love for you to get to know us better than just a few paragraphs. We are full of admiration for your courage and your love, and we have a house full of giggles and hugs just waiting for another little one to love on.

Brittany & Aaron

We have been together since 2008. We are a fun, loving, goofy small family. Aaron is a firefighter; career and volunteer. He also enjoys watching and playing sports. Brittany is a nurse at a family practice. She enjoys having her weekends and holidays off enjoying time with friends and family. In her spare time she loves to read and spend time with her friends. Together in our spare time we love to attend sporting events, traveling (Disney is our favorite destination), and spending time with family and friends. We love to plan get-togethers at our house that includes friends, family and their children. 

Our home also includes our small loved little dog, Noodle. He loves cuddles and anyone who will throw him a toy and give him treats. Our home is in a small community across the street from a local park. We also have a large back yard that is ready for lots of outdoor fun.

Monica & Jason

We like to describe ourselves as a happy, fun-loving couple with a beautiful home (ready to be filled with a child to love) in coastal Virginia. You may not know us quite yet but we hope that after giving you a glimpse of our story, our family, our home, and our love, you feel us embracing you with warmth. We have so much admiration for you and know that you are incredibly brave. What a lucky baby to have you keeping them safe and protected; we hope to join you in being a part of their amazing story of love and faith.
Monica grew up in Virginia and loves beach vacations, time with friends and family, cuddles with Benny (their two-year old puppy), crafting up home projects, painting, planning parties and events, arranging fresh flowers, and being creative! She is extremely close with her parents and has one brother who is married with three beautiful children! Her nieces and nephews fill her heart with joy. Regardless of where she is in life, time with family is a top priority. After receiving her degree in Business Marketing, she went on to complete a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). She has worked in higher education for more than a decade and loves mentoring and educating college-aged young adults every chance she gets!

Jason grew up in Northern Virginia before his family relocated to the Tidewater area as he entered high school. He has one younger brother who is married with two adorable children. His parents have been happily married for 41 years! He is a proud dad to Kaya (now 20) who is a beautiful young adult living on her own in the Shenandoah Valley area. He is also “Uncle Jace” to three nephews and two nieces, all under the age of six. Jason’s greatest joys in life are playing music (guitar, piano and singing), spending time on the water, watching Kaya play softball, and going hiking. He ensures we always have a perfectly manicured lawn and enjoys home renovation projects and playing frisbee with Benny! Jason completed a 5-year trade school for pipefitting and currently leads a crew at a local Naval Shipyard as General Superintendent for a Mechanical Contractor.

Ben & Tammy

We are a happy, loving family. Ben is a pastor who enjoys being with people. He loves watching soccer and playing chess. Tammy has a career in communications. She works part-time and is a substitute teacher. She plays the piano and enjoys being creative. Our son enjoys playing with toy cars and stuffed animals, telling stories, reading, and being outside. He is easygoing and cheerful and loves to be around children. We listen to music together and make up our own silly songs. We are all learning to play an instrument. Tammy knows a few guitar chords, Ben is learning to play the ukulele, and our son is learning to play the drums. We love to be together as a family, to travel, and to play sports. We cheer each other on and find ways to support one another. We snuggle on the couch and play board games. We are huggers and affectionate.

April & Joey

You are looking for a loving, gentle, kind family to raise your child.  We are searching for a child to shower with love, affection, and wonderful lifelong experiences.  Perhaps we are a perfect match?  We have been joyfully married for more than 12 years and have nurtured our relationship for many years before that!  We cherish a beautiful friendship and camaraderie, enjoying travel, life with our cattle and goats on a large farm, and fostering rescue pups.  While our days are spent in the education field, our evenings are often spent in the pool, taking long walks together and spending time with family, who live nearby.  We are so excited to begin our journey as parents and to delve into the wonderful world of raising a baby that we believe God has chosen for our family!

Sara & Mark

Meet Mark and Sara, Sara is 40 years old and a registered nurse who specializes in emergency medicine. Mark is 43 years old, a former high school teacher, and is now a high school athletics director and assistant principal.  Sara was a single mother to an 11 year old when she met Mark 6 years ago on a blind date and they have been a close knit family ever since. They eat dinners together as a family, celebrate all the traditional holidays like carving pumpkins, decorating the Christmas tree, and dying Easter eggs, attend church on Sundays, have game nights, and enjoy vacations to the beach, Disney World, and traveling to see family. 

Mark and Sara have always dreamt of expanding their family and Sara’s plan is to become a stay at home mother when they are blessed with a baby. In Sara’s free time she enjoys reading, quilting, sewing projects, and any activity outside. Sara values time with her family and friends and feels her greatest achievement was becoming a mother. Mark loves being a father to his stepdaughter and spending time with his family is his highest priority. One of Marks greatest attributes is his patience and ability to see the positive in everything.  Mark has been involved in coaching and teaching for most of his career and has dedicated his time to helping students achieve their goals through sports and activities.  In his spare time he enjoys attending baseball games, playing golf, completing home projects, and playing with the family dog.  They look forward to having another addition to the family and have a lot of love to share.